Company Introduction

Being the market leader in the construction loan industry, customer orientation and innovation always come the first and foremost to Asia One Credit.

We notice that many loan products in the market are not only rigid but also prohibitively expensive. Some SMEs, especially those in the construction contracting business, are frequently rejected by banks or the Government SME loan guarantee scheme on their loan applications. In order to obtain quick disbursement to operate new work orders or construction projects, they have no choice but to accept overcharged loan services.

Asia One Credit tailor-makes the most reasonable pricing and flexible repayment scheme in reference to the unique industry features and actual capital needs of our customers. All our products are “Early Settlement Without Penalty”. We satisfy your needs and save your costs in one go! Our specialists are here to serve and vow to render ultimate one-to-one “customer-oriented” experiences.

Asia One Credit is always one step ahead of the market. In addition to our first-to-market Construction Material Purchases Revolving Loan, we have recently constructed a revolutionary “Construction Finance Platform” (CFP). CFP connects different main contractors (MCs) and subcontractors (SCs), integrates and releases the full value of SCs’ retention monies dispersed among MCs. Furthermore, with our exclusive Subcontractor Credit Report, MCs can analyse the performance and good will of SCs - earning a head start in tender management. CFP shapes a new transparency norm for the money lending and construction industries, which lays a cornerstone for the industry’s long term development.

Company Vision
Enhance the transparency of the money lending market, assist SMEs in controlling financial costs more flexibly and increase their profits effectively.

Company Mission
Constantly bring forth innovation to provide professional and tailor-made corporate financing solutions to meet customers’ financial needs.

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