Construction Fee Loan

Want to develop idle land? Or reconstruct old residential premises, village houses, or factories?

The above projects require landowners to reserve sufficient cash flow to tackle project uncertainty and to prevent project suspension or termination. There are very limited relevant financing schemes in the money lending market, and oftentimes the loan amounts obtained from the banks are insufficient, causing delay in project execution.

Your Land, We Pay!

Asia One Credit has launched the Construction Fee Loan, targeting development of land and reconstruction of old buildings. Once you have provided the subcontract and the Consent on Commencement of Building Works, we will take care of the fund preparation. We will design the most suitable repayment scheme according to the construction progress and help you saving unnecessary interest expenses. The loan amount can reach up to 80% of the construction expenses.

One-stop Professional Service

Asia One Credit provides flexible and high loan-to-value solutions. We not only will help you solving short-term cash flow problem, but will also provide a professional solution on development plan, allowing you to carry out reconstruction or land development plan smoothly.

Successful Case

Asia One Credit helped customer Mr. Wong solving the financing problem on the construction of village houses. Mr. Wong had previously applied for loans from many banks, but few feedbacks were received and the granted loans were insufficient. Therefore, Mr. Wong applied for a loan from Asia One Credit. After assessing the funds required for different construction stages, our specialists approved a HK$3 million loan with Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 11%, to repay interest-only for the first 6 months and principal plus interest for the last 6 months.

Loan AmountHK$3,000,000
Tenor1 year (12 months)
Annual Percentage Rate11% p.a.
Repayment MethodFirst 6 months: Interest Only
Last 6 months: Interest + Principal
Total Interest ExpenseHK$261,984
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