Construction Finance Platform (CFP)

Cash flow management is key to corporation success. Construction contractors face various problems, such as advanced material payments, delayed work-done payments, etc., making the companies losing control in their cash flow and thus difficult to obtain loans from banks. As for main contractors (MCs), they may not be able to fully access and analyse the Subcontractors’(SCs) track records, which increases the risk of misjudgment and mismanagement of subcontracting projects and eventually affects the work progress.

Use retention money to roll money! Only we can do it!

As a leader of Subcontractor Construction Loan, Asia One Credit has first launched the Construction Finance Platform (CFP) in 2021 - a platform connecting and integrating multiple MCs and providing retention monies as collaterals for SCs' financing. CFP maximizes the value of SCs’ retention monies and assists them in cashing out.

First subcontractor credit database for the construction industry

Asia One Credit has launched the first Subcontractor Credit Database in Hong Kong. MCs can earn a head start in tender management in reference to SCs’ goodwill and performance with our transparent Subcontractor Credit Report. In addition, we provide customized revolving loan scheme for MCs with an Annual Percentage Rate (APR) as low as 5%.

Information Transparency! Reliable and Fast!

Under the CFP, SCs can obtain high work funds, enjoy flexible repayment schemes for operation and free from banks' restrictive collateral requirements. MCs can also find suitable SCs with our transparent Subcontractor Credit Report, which may enhance the chance of small-scaled SCs winning bids, achieving a win-win situation! CFP brings new effective changes and promotes the development of the construction industry.

Successful Case

SC A undertook subcontract works for MC B and MC C, holding retention money in the amount of HK$1 million and HK$1.5 million respectively. Through the CFP, the retention monies integrated into HK$2.5 million, thus enabled SC A to successfully obtain a HK$2 million loan with loan-to-value (LTV) ratio 80% and Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 9%.

Loan AmountHK$2,000,000
Tenor1 year (12 months)
Annual Percentage Rate9%
Repayment MethodFirst 1 – 11 months: Interest Only
Last month: Interest + Principal
Total Interest ExpenseHK$180,000
3707 3350 |9160 8378