Invoice Financing Loan

Trade financing is often an obstacle to most SMEs. Even after months of assessment, SMEs often are unable to obtain loans from the banks or the Government SME loan guarantee scheme. Business opportunities are often missed while you are waiting for the loan approval.

Asia One Credit has proudly launched the Invoice Financing Loan, flexible repayment scheme is designed based on each invoice, we aim to fix the rupture of your capital chain and to achieve a win-win situation.

Turning invoice into instant cash

Want to receive more orders for your business? Regardless of your industry and your scale, once we have received your invoices, and products have been shipped to your clients, the invoices will be turned into cash! More cash, more opportunities, higher turnover!

Successful Case

Mr. Cheung, an owner of a trading company, planned to expand his business. In order to facilitate a greater volume of orders, Mr. Cheung needed sufficient cash flow to settle suppliers’ bills. After two months of haggling with banks, he could only obtain some short-term loans and overdraft line which could not satisfy even half of his cash requirements. The lengthy and tedious application procedure had affected his working schedule and deprived Mr. Cheung of the time to explore for other business opportunities. Needless to mention, the bank loan had already deteriorated his personal credit rating, which also pushed his financing cost up in the long run. With the help of Asia One Credit, Mr. Cheung finally obtained the exact amount of cash (up to 80%) based on each invoice and the loan was disbursed within 7 working days. Furthermore, his TransUnion credit rating was not affected.

Loan AmountHK$500,000 (80% of invoice)
Tenor60 days
Monthly Flat Rate0.7%
Daily InterestAround HK$115
Total Interest ExpenseAround HK$6,904
3707 3350 |9547 8855