Mortgage Loan

Mortgage Loan

Banks' harsh loan-to-value (LTV) and lengthy mortgage application process often blow away precious investment opportunities of landlords-to-be. Asia One Credit's mortgage loan offers speedy application, high LTV, good appraisal value and often specialized as short term bridging fund. Our mortgage plans cater different goals, including property purchase, cashing out or top up refinancing.

Car Park Mortgage Loan

Car park supply in Hong Kong is in severe shortage, making car park a hot investment product in the last decade. However, banks are very conservative and offer low loan-to-value (LTV) with high interest rate, significantly disrupting the budgets of car owners and investors. Our Car Park Mortgage Loan flexibly allows landlord to mortgage residential unit together with car park in the same estate to enjoy our exclusive interest rebate!

Interest Only!

All our mortgage products offer “Interest Only” options, designed to reduce your instalment pressure, allowing you to fully utilise your capital and seize the best investment opportunity.

We welcome Refinance and Top-up

In addition to purchase and acquisition, we also welcome refinancing and top-up cases. With Asia One Credit, assets become cash, cash flow will no longer be a concern.

Alongside SMEs

Asia One Credit serves SMEs from different industries. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, Hong Kong economy has experienced one of the greatest recessions. SMEs suffer the hardest hit, which at the same time also deteriorates their borrowing environment. To pay contribution to the society, we launch the “Alongside SME” scheme to facilitate the financing of SMEs.

SMEs which mortgage their properties as additional collaterals for borrowing in favour of Asia One Credit can immediately enjoy a 2% discount on Annual Percentage Rate (APR)! Both privately-owned and corporate-owned properties are entitled to low interest rate and high loan offer. Asia One Credit helps you managing your asset portfolio, riding out difficult times and stimulating the economy with you!

Successful Case

Ms. Chan, an owner of a leather manufacturing business, had borrowed a HK$3 million SME loan from Asia One Credit. During the loan tenor, business expansion exceeded Ms Chan's expectation and thus she needed additional funding. Our specialist advised an “Alongside SMEs” scheme in reference to Ms. Chan's personal and business investment portfolios. With residential unit and car park mortgaged by Ms. Chan, we have quickly and flexibly increased the loan amount to HK$1.5 million and reduced her interest rate from 12% to 10%. Our “Alongside SMEs” scheme not only further financed Ms. Chan with a larger loan, but also saved her total interest expense, fully successfully leveraging the asset advantage.

Original PlanUpgrade with “Alongside SMEs”
Loan AmountHK$3,000,000HK$4,500,000
Tenor1 year (12 months)Remaining 8 months
Annual Percentage Rate12%10%
Repayment MethodInterest Only
(P+I in final instalment)
Interest O nly
(P+I in final instalment)
Total Interest ExpenseHK$360,000HK$420,000
3707 3350 |9160 8378