Subcontractor Construction Loan

Construction contractors not only have to face the unstable release of work-done payments, they often have to inject advanced capital for their projects. Looking for a solution to ease the cash flow burden so you will not miss opportunity for business expansion?

Asia One Credit helps you.

Asia One Credit helps you grasping unlimited opportunities!

Interest-only? Amortization? We make it!

With Asia One Credit’s first launched Subcontractor Construction Loan, subcontractors (SCs) only need to provide subcontracts signed with main contractors (MCs), together with basic documents for simple application of low-interest loan. Our specialists will tailor make a flexible repayment scheme to increase your cash flow and thus you will have more work fund for profit maximization.

Manage your cash flow, grasp every business opportunity

Construction contractors often encounter many obstacles when obtaining financing. As banks are not familiar with construction operations, they may require additional collaterals from construction contractors or simply reject their loan applications. The financing options for construction contractors in the market are also limited.

Asia One Credit as a Subcontractor Construction Loan expert, our specialists have in-depth understandings of the construction operations. We analyze your capital needs to avoid excessive borrowing. We provide long and flexible repayment scheme to leverage your returns.

Successful Case

Mr. Lui, a subcontracting business owner, obtained a new project worth HK$30 million, for which the initial operation would require substantial cash flow. As the company had started several other projects, he would need a large sum of cash. Mr. Lui thus applied for a loan from Asia One Credit and our specialists offered Mr. Lui a HK$2 million loan at a monthly interest rate of 0.83% with a 9-month loan tenor. To further ease his operational burden, Mr. Lui would repay interest-only for the first 3 months and the interest and principal together for the last 6 months under the repayment scheme.

Loan AmountHK$2,000,000
Tenor9 months
Monthly Interest Rate0.83%
Repayment MethodFirst 3 months: Interest Only
Last 6 months: Principal + Interest
Total Interest ExpensesHK$108,304
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