SME Loan (Business Loan)

Operating fund is a critical component of business development. SMEs face great pressure on working capitals under the economic downturn. In addition to the challenge from market competition, it is also difficult for them to apply for loans for business expansion. Although the Hong Kong Government has launched guarantee loan scheme for SMEs, the application threshold is very high and the processing time is lengthy.

By offering flexible and customized repayment scheme, our SME loan enables business to scale up and to seize for more opportunities. We welcome customers from all industries, whether you are facing challenges in securing loans from banks or looking for funds to finance business growth; our specialists are always glad to be of your assistance and to provide the best solutions for your needs.

Business Development / SME Loan plus Residential Mortgage Loan / Mortgage Refinancing

SMEs need to expand their businesses while maintaining business operations. Asia One Credit is proud to introduce the SME Loan (Business Loan) plus Residential Mortgage Loan, its maximum loan-to-value (LTV) ratio could reach higher than 100% and you could enjoy 8% low Annual Percentage Rate (APR) to solve financing problem easily.

Solve Your turnover problem - Why it is difficult for SMEs to apply for bank loans?

The process of bank loan application is complicated and the financial requirements for SMEs are relatively high. So, what is the difference between applying for bank loans and Asia One Credit's loan products?

Asia One CreditBank
Speedy ResponseLong Processing Time
At Least Three Working Weeks
Basic Documents
Simple Application Procedure
Complicated Documents
Complex Procedure
Do Not Affect TransUnion ReportAffect Transunion Report whether the Application is Successful or Not
Clear Fee Scheme
No Penalty for Early Repayment
Hidden Fee Scheme
Flexible Repayment SchemeFixed Repayment Scheme
Annual Percentage RateHigher Expense with Monthly Flat Rate

Successful Case

Mr. Lee was a Hong Kong resident owning a tech company which operated an electronic payment platform in Mainland China. With the good prospect of the technology industry, Mr. Lee intended to expand his business in Hong Kong, but the cost for platform development was estimated over HK$1 million. Since Mr. Lee's business was based in Mainland China, it is difficult for him to apply for bank loans in Hong Kong.

Introduced by a referrer, Mr. Lee applied for a SME Loan from Asia One Credit. With our simple and easy application procedure, Mr. Lee was granted a HK$1,000,000 loan (Annual Percentage Rate: 9%) with a 24-month tenor in just 7 working days. We also designed a flexible repayment scheme based on the feature of tech industry - Mr. Lee would pay interest-only in the first 12 months. As a result, Mr. Lee solved his cash flow problem and could focus on his business development in Hong Kong.

*What is the difference between annual percentage rate and annual interest rate? Please refer to "Loan Tips"

Loan AmountHK$1,000,000
Tenor2 Years (24 months)
Annual Percentage Rate9%
Repayment MethodFirst year: Interest Only
Second year: Interest + Principal
Total Interest ExpenseHK$139,424
3707 3350 |9160 8378